English from the Roots Up--Greek and Latin Flash Cards Volume 1

English from the Roots Up--Greek and Latin Flash Cards Volume 1

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This set of vocabulary cards accompanies English From the Roots Up. 100 Greet and Latin root cards are included; each has a large root word with derivatives on the back.

These cards contain information that is identical to that on each page of English from the Roots Up Volume 1 They were created for those who do not wish to have their students create their own cards adding words and roots as they learn them.
The flash cards can be used to drill, play games with the roots or just keep handy for a quick review of roots and vocabulary.

Game Ideas:
All the players need a pencil and a note pad. One player chooses a card and reads the root and it's English meaning. He chooses one word from the back of the card and reads its meaning to the other players. They all copy that word on their note papers as he spells it for them. The players each try to make as many words as they can from the letters in the target word. The player with the most words after a minute or two wins that number of points. Rotate the job of reading the cards and watching the timer so all players get to do that job. When playing with a large age range, allow younger players to make one, two and three letter words while requiring older players to make words of four letters or more.

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