Act And College Preparation Course

Act And College Preparation Course

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Over 1.6 million students took the ACT exam in 2011 - and only 25 percent scored the benchmarks for success in all four of the core subject areas. Prepare for success with these 50 easy lessons designed for Christian students. Complete a variety of exercises designed to hone your skills on the subjects of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Your scores will determine whether you can be accepted into the college of your choice or earn needed scholarship money. Discover important tips to help you boost your test scores, as well as easy techniques to strengthen your essay skills for the optional writing portion of the exam. The author says "I would be completely disappointed if a student's score did not improve by at least 4 points after using the ACT prep course." With these proven insights from an experienced ACT/SAT grader, you will learn how the ACT and SAT tests differ - and what that means in preparing for each. You will also improve skills like reading, vocabulary development, and comprehension - all challenges to develop critical thinking. The insights about the tests, how they are graded, and what you can do to help increase your scores will make a difference for you when it really matters on test day!

ISBN13: 9780890516393
ISBN: 0890516391