Activity Set Worksheet Pack, Book B

Activity Set Worksheet Pack, Book B




Product Description

In addition to WriteShop Primary Book B Teacher's Guide, you will need a reproducible** Activity Set Worksheet Pack to round out the program. If you donít have access to a copy machine, plan to purchase one pack for each child.

The Activity Set Worksheets are not supplemental. They are an integral part of WriteShop Primary Book B, offering 20 reproducible** activity pages that introduce and support support the skills taught in each of the 10 lessons.

The reverse side of most Activity Set Worksheets has space for your child to independently practice handwriting, spelling, or other basic writing skills. Each lesson will instruct you on how to guide your child through this activity.

The pack also contains 2 reproducible** Evaluation Charts for tracking each childís progress.

10 lessons.
24 pp.
Packaged in a reusable plastic storage sleeve.

**Schools and co-ops may not reproduce pages, but must either purchase one pack for each student or obtain a site license from WriteShop.

ISBN 9781935027041