Jacobs Algebra

Jacobs Algebra

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Product Description

by Harold Jacobs

Jacobsí best-selling Algebra 1 textbook has become a widely respected standard for teaching high school math in both top schools nationwide and within the homeschool market. Jacobsí clear, engaging, conversational approach in Elementary Algebra utilizes real-world instruction & application, guiding your student towards developing a true understanding of Algebraic conceptsóhow they work, why they work, and how your student can apply them to everyday life!

Algebra Designed for Understanding

Jacobsí Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1) utilizes a clear, conversational, engaging approach to teach your student Algebra through practical, real-life application! Jacobsí guides your student through Algebra, enabling them to discover concepts & application for themselves and develop a deep understanding.

This unique instructional approach to math means your student:

Develops a lasting understanding of Algebra concepts
Interacts with concepts using real-world examples, ensuring theyíll know exactly how to apply the material they are learning to real-life and other academic subjects
Is prepared to take their understanding of Algebraic concepts outside the math textbook and successfully apply them to higher math courses, sciences, & everyday life
Makes concepts their own
Is equipped with an understanding of the foundational mathematical concepts of Algebraóand once a student truly understands the concepts in Algebra, they are equipped & prepared for all higher math & sciences!

Elementary Algebra Student Text Features:

Full Color Illustrations
380 pages
ISBN 9780890519851

17 sections, covering functions and graphs, integers, rational numbers, exponents, polynomials, factoring, fractions, and more.
Set II exercise solutions provided in back of text
Flexible based on focus & intensity of the course
Set I exercises review ideas & concepts from previous lessons to provide ongoing application of material.
Set II exercises allow student to apply material from the new lesson
Set III exercises (provided in Teacherís Guide - sold separately) provide additional practice for material learned in the new lesson
Set IV exercises challenge students who are excelling and can also be used for extra credit

Table of Contents

A Letter to the Student
Introduction: A Number Trick
1. Fundamental Operations
2. Functions and Graphs
3. The Integers
4. The Rational Numbers
5. Equations In One Variable
6. Equations In Two Variables
7. Simultaneous Equations
8. Exponents
Midterm Review
9. Polynomials
10. Factoring
11. Fractions
12. Square Roots
13. Quadratic Equations
14. The Real Numbers
15. Fractional Equations 16. Inequalities
17. Number Sequences
Final Review
Answers to the Set II Exercises