All American History Student Reader Volume 2

All American History Student Reader Volume 2

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Like Volume 1 in this series, All American History Volume II is designed to be engaging and is written in a comfortable style. Containing hundreds of pictures and dozens of maps, it is a complete yearís curriculum for grades 6-12 when used with the Student Activity Book and Teacherís Guide. It is also adaptable for younger students. Each week includes a chapter from the Reader, maps, forms, and review questions in the Activity Book, and plenty of hands-on and further research ideas in the Teacherís Guide (as well as great teaching tips, ANSWERS to everything, and a great book list!).

There are 32 weekly lessons, and each lesson contains three sections examining: the atmosphere in which the event occurred, the event itself, the impact this event had on the future of America.

The Units Covered in the Volume are:

The Civil War and Reconstruction
The Gilded Age
Two World Wars
A Great Depression
The Cold War and Beyond

Distinctly Christian Co-op and Family Friendly Curriculum.

Grade Level: 6th to 12th

ISBN13: 9781892427427
ISBN: 1892427427