Alpha-Phonics and How to Tutor Phonics Companion Workbook

Alpha-Phonics and How to Tutor Phonics Companion Workbook




Product Description


By: Paradigm Company

This book provides additional exercises for those using the Alpha Phonics or How to Tutor reading instruction programs. It includes a conversion table to match the work book exercises with the appropriate lessons in either program. Exercises are not provided for all lessons. A limited number of review and exercise pages are provided for the first 40 lessons in Alpha Phonics. There after, most lessons have an exercise page. Exercises come in a variety of formats. Some require students to provide the correct information themselves while others offer possible answers to choose from. In most cases, the student is required to write the answer. Font sizes vary throughout the book, but all are large enough for young readers and should provide adequate space for written answers. The book was designed for use by those that feel their children need additional written exercise to reinforce the reading lessons. These exercises could also be used the next day to determine how much of the previous day's lesson has been retained.

The workbook also includes seventeen spelling rules as well as instructions for teaching these rules and instruction and exercises for breaking words into syllables. Answer keys to the exercises and the syllabication pages are found at the end of the book. The book can be used with either the Alpha-Phonics book or the book on CD-ROM. Comb-bound at the top, individual pages can be removed from the book to allow easier writing.