American Adventures: True Stories from America's Past  1770-1870

American Adventures: True Stories from America's Past 1770-1870




Product Description

by Morrie Greenberg

Fascinating yet little known stories walk you through 100 years of American History. Ideal for students who are "allergic to history," American Adventures stories are short and include study activities and timelines.

Make learning American History a Story-Telling Adventure

Fifteen high interest true stories, arranged chronologically, breathe life, meaning , and excitement into America's past.

Each story is written in dramatic, narrative form, not "textbook" prose.

A timeline and a boxed summary accompanying each story highlights important historical events occuring at the time of the story. Students gain a "sense" and "feel" for the time period.

Imaginative writing and discussion activities for each story challenge students and encourage creativity. (There are no recall questions!)

What a time saver! Here is a comletely prepared, meaningful, high-interest lesson and not "busy work." The homeschool teacher provides an outstanding lesson with no additional preparation.