Arms and Armaments of the Revolutionary War

Arms and Armaments of the Revolutionary War

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Product Description

Researched and Written by Paul J. Byrne.

Learn more about the American Revolution with this beautifully illustrated deck of fact-filled card games. The Arms & Armaments deck includes expertly–researched descriptions and vivid illustrations of 52 different vessels and weapons used by the Continental Army and the British and French soldiers.

Included in the deck are muskets, rifles, pistols, cannon, bayonets and pole arms, knives and axes, swords, artillery, and infantry ammunitions and accoutrements. The descriptions explain how the weapons were made with the materials available at the time, and also how the weapons were strategically used during battle. Also included in the deck are vessels used during the American Revolution such as warships and small boats.

The playing card deck includes 54 cards and instructions for playing an Authors-style card game. The deck is also suitable for most traditional card games. Great for military history buffs, as well as family fun.

ISBN 978-1-57281-681-7