Beautiful Feet California History Study Guide

Beautiful Feet California History Study Guide

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by Rea C. Berg

This guide presents a literature approach to the study of California history using the best books available on the story of the Golden State. From discovery and exploration to settlement and statehood, California's history is alive with the stories of intrepid Spanish, Portuguese, English and Russian seafarers and explorers in addition to American pioneers like Kit Carson, John C. Fremont, and Jedediah Strong Smith. California has its very own Robinson Crusoe in the true story of a young California Indian woman who survived alone on the Channel Island of San Nicholas for 18 years. California's story is additionally enlivened by such notable events as the Gold Rush, the Pony Express and the Transcontinental Railroad. All of these stories will become familiar to you and your student as you learn through this engaging and enjoyable "living books" approach. The study also includes a poem on the history of California suitable for memorization. Study notes are designed to lead the student chronologically through the literature with comprehension questions, topics for discussion , vocabulary, map work, literary elements, and suggestions for a student notebook.

64 Lessons.

A full answer key is also included in this guide.

52 pages
READING LEVEL: Intermediate (4th through 6th grade)