Bible Comes Alive Series Volume 1 CD

Bible Comes Alive Series Volume 1 CD

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from Your Story Hour

The Bible really does come alive for your children when they listen to these old time radio dramas!

A set of 12 CDs featuring 25 dramatized Bible stories - from Adam and Eve to the Israelites crossing of the Red Sea

Titles include:

Adam and Eve; Story of creation and man's fall
Cain and Abel; World's first murderer
The Man who Believed What God Said: Noah 1 The Man who Believed what God Said: Noah 2
The Temple Tower; Tower of Babel
The Call of Abraham; God calls Abraham
The Three Strangers; Heavenly messengers visit Abraham
Sodom; Sodom and Gomorrah
The Supreme Test; Abraham and Isaac
A Strange Romance; Isaac marries Rebekah
The Unlike Twins; Jacob and Esau
The Cheating Twin; Jacob marries two wives
The Mystery of the Disappearing Idols; Rachel steals her father's idols
The Case of the Wrestling Twin; Jacob struggles with an angel
The Coat of Many Colors; Joseph's special coat
Mrs. Potiphar and the Dungeon; Joseph's imprisonment
The King's Butler and Baker; Joseph interprets dreams
The King and the Slave; Joseph made prime minister of Egypt
The Unreasonable Prime Minister; Joseph's brothers go to Egypt
The Governor's Mysterious Feast; Joseph entertains his brothers
The Long Delayed Reunion; Joseph reunited with this father
A Deliverer is Born; Moses
Moses Fulfills his Destiny; Moses receives assignment from God
The King with the Heart of Stone; Plagues fall on Egypt
Miracles by the Sea; Red Sea Divided

Grade Level: Kindergarten through 12th grade

ISBN13: 9781600790232
ISBN: 1600790232

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