Birds and Binoculars Card Game

Birds and Binoculars Card Game




Product Description

Concentration is the key while tracking these Flocks of birds around the table. Who will end up with the most Flocks?

Birds and Binoculars is a Go Fish type card game with a twist - actually several twists to make for hilarious family fun. There are 20 different species of birds in the "Nest" (3 cards for each bird) along with 4 "Binoculars" cards and 4 "Dirty Bird" cards. Thus, the deck contains 68 cards.

The "Binoculars" cards allow the person playing it to get up and walk around the table to see what kinds of birds the other players have! However, the player must remember what he saw until his next turn before he can take advantage of his knowledge. There is never a dull moment in this game of surprises because you never know when someone will play a "Dirty Bird" card and change everything!

Ages: 7 and up
Players: 3-6
Skills: Memory, Concentration, 25 species of birds