Bluestocking Guide: Justice

Bluestocking Guide: Justice

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by Kathryn Daniels

"Bluestocking Guide: Justice" is designed to reinforce and enhance a student's understanding of the subject matter presented in the primer, Whatever Happened to Justice?

Comprehension Questions are given for each chapter - these include Definition, True/False, and Short Answer/Fill-in questions. The answers are located in the back of the study guide.

Application Exercises are also given - generally, these ask the student to apply the knowledge he/she learned from a given chapter to "real world" situations so that the student may personalize the information and better retain and apply the knowledge gained from the primer. Application Exercises typically include Discussion, Essay and Research assignments and may also include suggestions for further study (books, movies, etc.).

In addition to assisting the student in the retention of the subject matter, the study guide will serve as documentation of course completion.

Recommended for ages 14+ for use in courses on Government and Law. Whatever Happened to Justice? is one of the foundational books to understand Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works.

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