Building America

Building America

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by Janice Weaver, Bonnie Shemie, Bonnie Shemie (Illustrator), Bonnie Shemie (Illustrator)

Named a 5th– 6th Grade Honor Book by the Austin Young Engineer’s Award 2003-2004

From old favorites like Monticello, Falling Water, and the Chrysler Building, to lesser-known treasures like Bernard Maybeck’s First Church of Christ, Scientist (in Berkeley, California), the buildings that Janice Weaver presents tell the story of a nation and its people. Traveling through almost four hundred years of history – and to all four corners of the continental United States – Building America explores an architecture that is as diverse as the people who created it. Complete with timeline, glossary, and index, this fine introduction to architecture is splendidly illustrated by Bonnie Shemie’s detailed paintings.

Age: 9 and up
Size: 8-1/2 x 11
56 pages
ISBN13: 978-0-88776-606-0