Caesar's Gallic War

Caesar's Gallic War

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by Olivia Coolidge

Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War are among the most interesting historical books which the Romans have left us. It is not often that a commander of Caesar's fame has the ability to write so well. His firsthand account, written in an extraordinarily simple, clear style, gives us a picture of the Gallic War which may be taken from the Roman point of view, but which is real. Reading Caesar, we know what he knew - how the Gallic War actually was.

In 1961, Olivia Coolidge wrote this account, both factual and fictional, of the Gallic War of 58 to 41 B.C., narrated by a fictitious soldier in Caesar's army, which provides a more vivid and readable account for today's children. This book, for more than 40 years, has been one of the finest introductions to Caesar, Roman civilizations, and the Gallic War available to children.

Grade Level: 6th Grade - 12th Grade

ISBN13: 9780977900022