Channie's One Page a Day Single Digit Multiplication

Channie's One Page a Day Single Digit Multiplication

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Product Description

50 pages of beginner multiplication practice workbook, tear one page a day, start from 1, then 2, then 3. Organized with large space to write numbers, lined up neatly for the students to reduce stress of line up numbers. Focus on memorize and practice multiplications.

Each number (other than 1) is given 4 pages to practice. Lots practices with organized progressing methods for easy memory. page 34-50 are mixed math practices with numbers from 0-9.

Inside of cover page, a unique multiplication memory sheet is given to all students for easy memorized. Follow the blanked style square to write, copy, practice multiplications. * This new method is called "Little Nine numbers" in China and have been adopted for millions of kids there to introduce multiplications, now is very popular in UK and France.