Classically Cursive: Bible Primer Book I

Classically Cursive: Bible Primer Book I

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by B.J. Jordan

Second grade is a good time to teach children cursive writing. The Classically Cursive Series is geared to follow the Phonics Museum, or any program using modern manuscript. Why have children write silly sentences when they can be copying Scripture or the catechism? These reproducible books originated by the folks at Logos School are all you need to teach cursive handwriting.

Classically Cursive Book I reviews Modern Manuscript printing then introduces the Modern Cursive style of handwriting. This book then applies these lessons to the writing out of the books of the Bible, The Greatest Commandment and the Lord's Prayer.

The book also includes a section called "Letter Forming Instructions" to aid the teacher in guiding the student.

Soft cover
85 pp ISBN 9781930710641