Coin Hopping - Washington, DC

Coin Hopping - Washington, DC

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Product Description

Fascinated by Washington politics? Taking the family to Washington DC? Everyone can have fun trying to control the three branches of government while visiting famous attractions.

Coin Hopping-Washington DCTM captures the spirit of this famous capital city. While touring the city, players vie to become President, appoint Supreme Court Justices, and even vote in Congress to change the rules of the game!

Basic Rules:

Each player scatters four US coins (coins not included) on the board and places his pawn on a location on the board determined by drawing a destination card.

Each player receives five citizens and two destination cards.

A player can move his pawn to any adjacent location connected by a line. He can keep hopping from location to location until he lands on an empty location. His turn ends when he lands on an empty location or puts down a coin or citizen.

During his turn he may use one of the Destination cards in his hand to jump to a location. He then draws a replacement card

The Winner:

The winner is the first person to have a citizen in the White House, one or more in Congress, and one or more in the Supreme Court.

The Balance of Power:

Only while you hold the Presidency can you place a citizen on the Supreme Court.

Players with one or more citizens in Congress can vote to change the rules of the game.

Players with one or more citizens on the Supreme Court can vote to declare the new rules unconsitutional.

Game includes:

Game board - a map of Washington DC
50 Destination Cards featuring things to see and do in Washington
6 Pawns
5 Bills to be enacted by Congress
48 Citizens
Draw string bag to hold Pawns

2 to 6 Players
8 to Adult


Not for children under 3 yrs.