A First Book in American History

A First Book in American History




Product Description

by Edward Eggleston

The first book in Edward Stratemeyer's series for young people about the American Revolution. Follow Roger Morse and his friends as they help battle the British in a rousing adventure story. Written in the 19th century by Stratemeyer, who is well known for his famous Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series, this selection is among over 1200 books for juveniles he and his syndicate produced in the early part of the twentieth century.

Continuing the biographical approach to teaching history found in his Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans, Eggleston draws a more in-depth picture of the development of the United States using the stories of the living and breathing Americans who made it all happen. Especially valuable for home schoolers or those simply wishing to supplement their children's education, here you'll find all the features you would expect in a teacher-friendly textbook: study questions after each chapter, definitions of pertinent words, maps and illustrations, and an index for easy cross reference.

237 pages
Features: Illustrated
Ages: 9 to 12