Creation Science: A Study Guide to Creation

Creation Science: A Study Guide to Creation

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The first book in the series! Lesson Plans Included!

Here at last is a complete study guide to teach Creation Science! This is written for all grade levels and integrates all subjects. This book includes outlines, activities, experiments, vocabulary lists, reading lists, math, science, art, music, book reviews, reproducible sheets, and a detailed 31-page teaching outline. This outline explains the errors of evolutionary thinking, evidences for a young earth and a young solar system, evidence for Noah's Flood and how flood geology can explain all the fossils and geological formation that we see, uncovers the deliberate hoaxes, and breaks the ape-to-man chain.

Dr. John Morris, author, President of the Institute for Creation Research. This is excellent material. Jill and Felice have hit the mark on scientific contnet and educational style.

One of Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks!!!!
ISBN: 0-9700385-0-X (MA)