Drawing Magic - Book 1

Drawing Magic - Book 1

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by Peter Kraus

Think you can't draw? YES, YOU CAN.

Remember when you were a kid? You drew without hesitation, didn't you? What happened since then? As you matured into adulthood, some of you didn't develop your drawing ability. Have you ever wondered why? Consider this: if writing hadn't been invented, pictures would still be the way to communicate. In fact, just to duplicate the letters of the alphabet requires drawing skill but since writing was invented, many of us didn't develop our drawing flair. The good news is, it's never too late. 12 easy methods reveal the secrets. In all other areas we have to learn the basics before we can be expected to handle something more advanced, or elaborate. Did we learn to run before we could walk? Did we learn geometry before we learned arithmetic? Did we learn to write before we could read? Why should we believe drawing is any different? If you were taught the elementary principles, isn't it reasonable to assume that then you might be able to produce better results? That's what DRAWING MAGIC Guidebook 1 is all about.

If you think you can't draw (but always wanted to), this self teaching guide is for you!


Beginning with the basics, you will explore various ways to hold and steer the pencil. In no time, your lines will go where you want them to go. Next, you will discover the methods artists use to form shapes. After all, pictures are primarily made of shapes, aren't they? By learning how to draw one, you will quickly combine several, and enjoy the confidence and thrill that comes from watching your figures appear before your very eyes. Soon, you will be drawing vases, a leaf, a butterfly, bottles, and even faces. From there, you will advance to shading techniques, the easy way. All this is accomplished by one especially unique feature. Every step is explained and illustrated from start to finish.

At the start of every lesson you will receive specific written instructions. Next, you will see EYES that indicate WHAT to look for. Then you will see HANDS showing WHICH part of the subject to draw, WHEN to draw it, WHERE to draw it, and HOW to draw it, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. While following along, you will feel almost as though you have your own private teacher there with you.

258 pages

ISBN 10: 1466459492
ISBN 13: 9781466459496