Drive Thru History #1 DVD: Rome If You Want To

Drive Thru History #1 DVD: Rome If You Want To




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from Focus on the Family

Drive Thru History is a joyride through the fast lane of time gone by, led by the irreverent but always relevant Dave Stotts. Dave doesn't just talk about history; he lives it--in fast, easy-to-digest road trips. Take, for instance, the trip to the Coliseum in Rome where Dave accidentally picks a fight with one of those cheesy "Roman guards" who'll pose for a picture for a couple of euros. Suddenly, Dave is Maximus in a fight to the death (in his mind, that is). Drive Thru History makes exploring the history of Western civilization meaningful and totally entertaining.

Grades 6-12

ISBN13: 9781589972759
ISBN: 1589972759

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