Drive Thru History DVD Vol.2: Jericho to Megiddo

Drive Thru History DVD Vol.2: Jericho to Megiddo




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Conquest, Canaanites, and the Holy City

In a style all his own, Dave Stotts---host and editor of Drive Thru History---speeds through the ancient world of the Bible, giving you a fast-paced encounter with the people, places, and events that have shaped our world and the Christian faith. Recommended family entertainment by The Dove Foundation, Stotts' Drive Thru History series includes on-location explorations, plus loads of animations and narration that's definitely 'outside the classroom.' From the ruins of Jericho, to the valley of Jezreel where God defeated the Midianites through Gideon, you will travel on a visually exciting journey through the land of the Bible, revealing the history and culture behind the stories of Scripture. The video also includes a PDF for each episode containing discussion questions designed for groups and families.

Episode locations include:

1. Jerusalem, conquest sites, Jericho, Hazor
2. Samaria, Shechem, Shiloh
3. Jezreel, Megiddo, Tel Dan

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