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This easy to use phonics series will take your child step-by-step through all the phonics he needs to learn to read fluently.

Tasks in the lessons of Books 1-6 include matching words to sharpen visual discrimination; matching words and sentences with appropriate pictures to strengthen reading comprehension; selecting, then copying, words from picture clues; sequencing letter sounds and reinforcing them kinesthetically by writing the whole word; reading for sentence comprehension; and spelling from memory for cumulative vocabulary. Directed for grades 1-4.

Book 1: Covers consonant pretest; short vowels.

Book 2: Initial consonant blends; final consonant blends.

Book 3: One syllable words ending in a long vowel, including -y; silent -e words; digraphs sh, th,wh,ch,-ng,-ck; trigraphs -tch; diphthongs ee-ea; ai-ay, oa-ow.

CODE CARDS: A set of 54 illustrated cards to practice the sounds taught in Books 1-3 is also available.

Book 4: Compound words; common endings -ful, -ing, -est, -ed, -ness; rules for syllable division between consonants, with open and closed syllables, with syllables ending in -y and -le, with diphthong syllables,and three syllable words.

Book 5: Word families all-alk, old-olt-oll, ild-ind; qu words; three letter blends thr, shr, scr, str, spr, spl; diphthong -ey; three sounds of -ed.

Book 6: Vowel plus r words; ar, or, er, ir, ur, wor, war; diphthongs oo, ea, ie, oi-oy, ou-ow, au-aw, igh, and ew-ui-ue-ou.

The more advanced tasks in Books 7 and 8 include reading a story and then answering comprehension questions, making words by joining syllables, and building and strengthening vocabulary through crossword puzzles.

Book 7: Soft c and g; silent consonants; ear, ei, eigh words; digraph ph.

Book 8: Suffixes and irregular endings.

Teacher Guides for Books 1-8 (Also available- see below.)