Famous Men of Rome

Famous Men of Rome

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by Poland and Haaren, edited and updated by Rob and Cyndy Shearer

Famous Men of Rome contains 29 chapters. Each chapter is a short biographical sketch of a famous Roman. The chapters are arranged chronologically. The original edition had 28 chapters, but there is an additional chapter by Rob Shearer in the Greeenleaf edition, as well as over a hundred new illustrations. The history of Rome is taught chronologically as students read short biographical sketches. As in Famous Men of Greece, your fourth or fifth graders will be able to read this on their own. Younger students will enjoy hearing it read out loud. Older students will find it to be an exciting easy introduction to Ancient Rome. A companion book, The Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of Rome will give you vocabulary, background, and discussion questions to help make this a successful study for any age student.