Fix-it! Grammar - Robin Hood - Student

Fix-it! Grammar - Robin Hood - Student




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Fix It! Grammar Book 2: Robin Hood (Grades 3-12)

Fix It! Grammar gives students the chance to see how grammar "works" by seeing how it functions in a story. Each day, students will read a sentence, look up the bolded word in a dictionary, mark and fix the first passage with a teacher, re-write, use helps to remember how to mark the passage, and finally after marking/correcting/discussion the passage, students copy the corrected passage into a notebook-eventually leading to a complete story. 

As this is part of the progressive Fix it! series, it's recommended that students begin with the first book: The Nose Tree or take the placement test. 

Covers 33 weeks. 69 pages plus extras: Certificate of Completion, cardstock cut-out flashcards, and "glossary" of terms and elements of grammar. Spiralbound. Grades 3-12. Reproducible for use within the same family.

ISBN: 1623411432
ISBN-13: 9781623411435