Fraperdeck Multiplication

Fraperdeck Multiplication

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This clever card game takes well-known games like War and Concentration to a whole new level with the simple addition of a multiplication table. Fraperdeck Multiplication reinforces multiplication facts from 0-12 with five exciting card games -instructions included. Students will sharpen their multiplication skills while having great FUN with this unique card game.

The deck looks like a normal deck of playing cards, execpt that there are no aces or face cards and the numbering goes from Zero to 12. You can play a host of math games from very simple to genius level with these cards.

How to use Fraperdeck Multiplication Cards cards to teach preschool through 2nd grade concepts:

Counting, sequence and number recognition: Give each player 4 cards and place 4 cards on the table. The remaining cards are the "draw" pile. Each player in turn takes a card from the "draw" pile and tries to match a card in his hand to a card on the table. If he can, he gets to "take the trick" and a card from the draw pile replaces the one taken from the table. If the player cannot find a match, the next player goes. The player with the most matches when all the cards are played, wins.

Sequence and counting forward and backward: For 2 players.
Divide the cards in half and give each player a pile. Each pile is face down in front of a player. Each player takes the top card and puts it face up between the players to start two discard piles. The players pick up the top card of their piles and try to discard them either by putting one that is one number larger or one number smaller on either pile. If no one can play, pick up the top 3 cards and find one that will play.

Addition & Subtraction: 2-6 players
Deal 6 cards to each player and place one card in the center of the table with the "draw" pile. The first player tries to match the number on the center card by finding 2 or more cards in his hand that will add or subtract to make the center number. If he can do it, he takes all the cards and keeps them at his side. Turn over a new center card from the "draw" pile and go to the next player. If he cannot make a match, he must draw a card and the next player has a turn.

Ages 5 and Up, 2 or more players