Great Literature Copywork:

Great Literature Copywork:

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Practice Cursive Handwriting with Excerpts from the Great Books

by Ruth Lestina

Practice Handwriting with Excerpts from the Great Books. Experience some of the great moments in classic literature and history while improving your cursive handwriting.

Copywork is best way to learn basic grammar, spelling, and composition skills, so why practice penmanship with random words and sentences when you could be exploring amazing stories and poems by authors including:

Robert Frost
Mark Twain
Edgar Allen Poe
Abraham Lincoln
Jane Austen
James Joyce
Robert Louis Stevenson
Rudyard Kipling
and many more

This copybook includes over 40 passages, each suitable for tracing, and then copying directly under the modeled words. Each passage is also provided in typed form to allow easy reading and copying on to notebook paper if desired.

Suitable for any age to practice cursive handwriting.

74 Pages

ISBN: 061595457X
EAN: 9780615954578