Great Stories Volume 1 CDs

Great Stories Volume 1 CDs

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from Your Story Hour

Set of 6 CDs GREAT STORIES 1 A mix of 12 stories about people that became famous by doing the right things and making good decisions. Also kids in big time adventures and even in trouble.

Stories include:

The Bravest One-Brave Vietnam war orphan
The Emerald Violin-World War II narrow escape
We Bixby's stick together-peer pressure/drugs
Betsy's Peanut Butter Manna-faith in God and child's trust
All things for Andrew-Amazing reunion
The Sheaf of Grain-cruelty is forgiven
The Raven and the Ring-Honesty rewarded by God
Little Em-God uses spoiled little girl
A song in her heart-Fanny Crosby part 1
A Seeing Heart-Fanny Crosby part 2
The Gunner Wore Petticoats-Molly Pitcher
Johann Sebastian Bach-Biography

Grade Level: Kindergarten to 12th
ISBN13: 9781600790348
ISBN: 1600790348

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