Great Stories Volume 4 CDs

Great Stories Volume 4 CDs

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from Your Story Hour

Set of 6 CDs 14 exciting, dramatized stories A riveting collection of stories filled with rescue, sacrifice, courage, love, challenges and strong family ties. Great listening for the whole family!

Stories include:

The Lady of Longpoint. A shipwrecked crew is saved by a courageous lady
A Dog Named Bear. A family saves a starving dog from an island and later the dog saves the young girl in the family.
Elizabeth - Girl Doctor (Elizabeth Blackwell, Part 1) The story of Elizabeth Blackwell's, the first woman doctor, childhood.
Elizabeth - Lady Doctor (Elizabeth Blackwell, Part 2). Elizabeth's steadfast determination helped her overcome almost insurmountable obstacles of prejudice and ignorance to become the first woman doctor.
Jamie, Where Are You - A deaf child is saved by a pet dog. Giving Love Away - A mother learns the true meaning of love.
Gold Medal Twins - Josh and Jodie, two Olympic skating hopefuls, make a selfless sacrifice. Sara, Special Kid - Sara is discouraged because she can't get the hang of math.
Grandma Miller's Farm A family pulls together to save the family farm.
A New Little Kid. A foster child becomes a great little brother.
The Yellow Fever Fighter. Dr. William Gorgas discovers the cause of Yellow Fever.
Lost. Two children get lost in a blizzard in the mountains and are found.
The Brown Van. Children learn to avoid trouble with strangers.
Children use Vietnam tap code to help their uncle.

Grade Level: Kindergarten to 12th

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