Great Stories Volume 6 CDs

Great Stories Volume 6 CDs

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from Your Story Hour

Set of 6 CD's featuring dramatized stories of protection and perseverance, courage and fortitude, hope and compassion, kindness versus cruelty, and God's intervention in the lives and circumstances of individuals.

Stories included:

Mystery of the Open Window.
A criminal intent upon doing harm learns about God and two lives are transformed.
Mystery of the Disappearing Hole.
On a trip to New York an evangelist's life is spared.
Lunch Money.
This story helps children deal with bullies in school - not with violence but with kindness.
A Lot of Secrets.
A concerned father helps his children see that the neighborhood bully, Chuckie, may need their help.
Angel at the Harp.
A doctor. in the delvery room makes a decision that will have a life-long impact.
The Christmas Angel.
True story of an angle's appearance to help a family in need.
We're Going to Kill You & Celestina's Miracle.
These two stories demonstrate God's power and intervention.
God is Alive.
Justin's grandpa tells the story of how he became a Christian while he was a member of a special foreign army persecuting Christians.
A Mother's Heart.
During the civil war Willie Albright is wounded and behind enemy lines, but his mother refuses to leave him there alone.
Asleep on Duty.
Ben Allen goes to sleep on duty during the Civil War. His sister appeals to President Lincoln for mercy.
A Woman of Small Importance.
The story of how an Irish woman helped President McKinley select the US ambassador to England.
An American Army of Two.
Two young girls help in a big way during the Revolutionary War.

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