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by William McMurdie

"If the battle was to be won, it was finally up to the Infantry to do the job. here is the story from one such Infantryman, William F. McMurdie, from induction 'till discharge, in training, in combat, and as an occupation soldier. it includes the Battle of the Bulge, the advance to the Rhine, the Remagen Bridgehead, and more."

Here is an accurate autobiography by a young Christian infantryman caught up in WWII, recounted and remembered from letters sent home some 50 years earlier. This is a book you can give to your Middle School or older student to show them what the war was like from the bottom up, rather than from the General's view down. Bill tells the story with a sense of drama and urgency, hope and fear, without getting overly graphic with the horror in a way that might hurt younger children.

Grade Level: 6th Grade - 12th Grade

ISBN13: 9780977900015