Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Vol. 1

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Vol. 1

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by Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Wonders of the Human Body is an exploration of the awe-inspiring creation that is the human body. Nothing else in the universe is quite like it! Your body is delicate yet powerful; incredibly complex but at times amazingly simple. We will explore the structure, function, and regulation of the body in detail.

The Musculoskeletal System, the first volume of Wonders of the Human Body, opens with the building blocks of your body—the cells.

Your body is built from many kinds of cells and tissues, and you will learn how they work. Even the bones and muscles that give you strength and speed depend on many types of cells. This book will:

Show you the ins and outs of the bones in your skeleton and how they function
Give detail as to how your marvelous muscles move you
Provide a detailed glossary in the back for quick reference!

Throughout the book you will learn things to do to keep your body healthy. But in a fallen, cursed world things are bound to go wrong. We will look at what happens when disease or injury affects bones and muscles.

Ages 12+
112. pages

ISBN 9780890518656