Key to Metric Measurement Set of Books 3-4 + Answers

Key to Metric Measurement Set of Books 3-4 + Answers

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Product Description

In this newest series of Key to . . . workbooks, students learn how to measure in metric units--the only system used in international commerce and communication, and one becoming more and more prevalent in the U.S. Students who learn to use the metric system early will be more comfortable as adults with this form of measurement. The many creative activities in Key to Metric Measurement are designed to help students learn at a careful pace and may be done individually or in groups, with some specific team projects in each book. Interesting measurement activities involve the use of real examples from many countries, such as maps of Mexico and Japan, and a train schedule from China.

Book 2 focuses on measuring length and perimeter using metric units, and includes scale drawing projects, calculating perimeter and more. 45 pages, paperback. Grades 5-12.

Book 3 covers Finding Area and Volume Using Metric Units.

Book 4 covers the metric units for mass, capacity, temperature and time. Real-life examples include reading a train schedule, temperatures, clocks, prices, recipes and more.