Key to The Front Door

Key to The Front Door




Product Description

The object of this game is to safely navigate around the board while saving for college/retirement, emergencies, and vacation (envelopes not included); pay your bills, collect on paydays, budget and save so you can pay your rent every time you pass the square (except at the beginning of the game); AND furnish your apartment/house from the inventory sheet. There are buy squares from retail, garage sale, and thrift store squares where you can buy or not buy according to your budget. You also must choose between wants vs. needs from the inventory sheet. A perfect opportunity to teach the differences between wants and needs. There are key cards for group and individual decisions and activities!

Ages 8 to Adult
2 to 8 Players

This game comes in English, with Translation Packets available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and French. Translation Packets include: Translated inventory sheets, instructions, key cards, and board squares. If needed / preferred, you can copy the board squares sheet onto an adhesive sheet; cut, peel and stick.

This wipe-able board game is a fun way to learn money management tools!

The goals of this reality game are to learn how to be responsible with your money; furnish your apartment; pay your bills on time; participate in group activities; and enjoy your independence while maintaining your budget

You can win when you furnish your apartment (buy all the needs items); everyone else goes broke; or be the person who has the most need items purchased when you decide to stop playing the game.

You are out of the game when you do not have enough money to pay your bills.

Each player gets 1 garage sale token per game. A player may, ONE time only, have a garage sale to raise money to pay his or her bills and stay in the game. You can sell items to other players or to the bank and receive garage sale prices for the items.

The game comes with 10 inventory sheets. Make copies or laminate. On the back of the inventory sheets, you keep a running total of money in/money out and balance.

You will need a calculator, pencils and 3 envelopes per player.

Label the envelopes vacation savings; emergency savings; and college or retirement savings.

Extra Large Gameboard
8 Pawns
8 Chips
2 Dice
10 Inventory/Budget Sheets
1 Deck of Cards

Suggestions for parents and teachers:

This game lends itself to participation. You can use magazines to cut out the furnishings; have the player draw his house/apartment and glue/tape the furnishings in; or put on paper and make a wish binder for when they have their own house/apartment.

You may also give the players extra envelopes for any other items they would like to budget for. (Save for computer, save for class on campus (check local college for prices), special night out, special gifts, etc.)