Life of Fred - Australia

Life of Fred - Australia




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by Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt

The first of four volumes of Life of Fred Language Arts books, Australia covers the following topics:

Seven billion = 7,000,000,000, Indentation to begin paragraphs

Three punctuation marks to end a sentence, Punctuation began common usage around 1450 (with the invention of the printing press),

Two to the third power, Subjunctive mood used much more frequently in German, French, and Latin than in English, Postscripts, Picoseconds

Six question words (who, when, where, why, what, and how), State abbreviations, Correct way to hold a pencil

Plurals of words (two cases), Irregular plurals, Finding your calling in life, Opening and closing salutations, Only the first word in a closing salutation is capitalized

Australia is between the Indian and the Pacific oceans, Silent letters, Islands vs. continents—the four questions to ask,

Homonyms, Topology, Daniel Boone, Is noon a.m. or p.m.?

Proofreading, A bus with no door, Exaggerating vs. lying, Hyperbole, That vs. which, Land of Nod

Using commas in lists, Five- and fifteen-year-olds think about clothing differently

When to omit the s after the apostrophe when forming a possessive, When to ask questions

Magnetic north pole is moving, Pole reversals, Continual vs. continuous, Less vs. fewer, Heteronyms

Two past tenses of kneel and of dream

Verbs defined, Winter in June, How to have two summers and no winters each year

Prefixes, Stich and hemistich, Alliteration, International Date Line,

Five ways to make plurals, Two uses of an apostrophe, Autobiography, Vowels, Six ways to make plurals

Two past tenses of sneak, A seventh and eighth way to make plurals, Which countries use the metric system,

Grades 8-12
128 pages ISBN: 978-1-937032-12-8