Life of Fred: Fractions

Life of Fred: Fractions

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by Stanley F. Schmidt, Ph.D.

This is the first book in the Life of Fred math series. Unlike any other math series, Life of Fred makes math so much fun that it is almost irresistible. Using hilarious "real life" examples from the life of a five year old professor of mathematics at KITTENS University, students learn the WHY as well as the HOW of math.
Whether you fear math or love it, you have to have Life of Fred.

From the back cover:
If you know your addition and multiplication tables by heart, your next step is to get to know Fred.
In this book (Life of Fred: Fractions) and the next book (Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents) you can learn everything you need to know to begin algebra!

The math concepts covered include:
Less Than, Billion, Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers, Diameter and Radius, Savings and Expenses, Definition of a Fraction, Sectors, Comparing Fractions, Reducing Fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Common Denominators, Roman Numerals, Least Common Multiples, Improper Fractions, Lines of Symmetry, Division by Zero, Circumference, Multiplying Mixed Numbers, Commutative Law, Canceling, Definition of a Function, Area, Unit Analysis, Division of Fractions, Geometric Figures, Estimating Answers.
ISBN: 978-0-9709995-9-7
Hardback, 192 pages.