Living Adventures from American History: VOLUME 1

Living Adventures from American History: VOLUME 1

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Product Description

Paul Revere –
“The Midnight Ride for Freedom”
Paul Revere’s historic ride through the North End of Boston that sparked the American Revolution for freedom from King George of England.

Two Soldiers –
“One Winter’s Day at Valley Forge”
The dramatic story of how two shivering young soldiers kept America’s hopes alive during the bitter cold winter at Valley Forge.

Molly Pitcher –
“The Lady with the Cannon”
The inspirational story of how a teenage girl in pigtails, carrying only a pitcher, was the true winner in America’s vital victory in the Battle of Monmouth.

Nathan Hale –
“The Spy who Died a Hero”
A passionate story of how a young American officer sacrificed his life to safeguard George Washington’s fight for freedom.

Running Time: 1 hour