Living Adventures from American History: VOLUME 3

Living Adventures from American History: VOLUME 3

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The Life And Times Of George Washington "The Hero That Fathered America"
Part 1- The American Revolution
This is the heroic story of America’s Fight for Freedom from King George of England, told from the military genius, the unbeatable spirit, and rugged leadership of George Washington, the hero who made it all happen. Many times during the eight-year struggle, the fight seemed hopeless, yet George Washington fought on, and proved to the mighty countries of France and Germany that George’s thrown-together army of farmers, shopkeepers, and patrolmen was strong enough to defeat the British redcoats, who were considered the world’s most powerful army at that time.Be sure to get all 3 parts, for a full understanding of George Washington, the Hero that Fathered America.

Running Time: 1 hour