Living Adventures from American History: VOLUME 4

Living Adventures from American History: VOLUME 4

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The Life And Times Of George Washington "The Hero That Fathered America"
Part 2- America's Fight For Freedom
After being defeated at Germantown and Brandywine, Pa., George Washington and his army of 11,000 men spent the winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge. More then 3,000 men died there of extreme cold, hunger and sickness.What kept them going?George Washington’s leadership, Baron Von Steubin’s training, and the news that general Burgoyne’s Red Coats had been licked at Saratoga. Now France openly joined the war against Great Britain.“No news was received with more heartfelt joy”, said George.This was the turning point of the revolutionary war.Be sure to get all 3 parts, for a full understanding of George Washington, the Hero that Fathered America.

Running Time: 1 hour