Madeline at the White House Game

Madeline at the White House Game

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Product Description

Join Madeline and friends for award-winning, run around fun!

Prestigious honor for Madeline at the White House Game! The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has announced that Madeline at the White House Game is the recipient of the Gold Award for product excellence, one of their highest honors!

Madeline and her friends are off to extraordinary adventures while visiting their new friend who lives in the White House! A Briarpatch “get up and play” game that has players running about from one landmark square to another that are placed throughout the playing space. Also comes with Madeline’s tour guide to D.C

Contents: 8 big Washington D.C. landmark cards, 4 magic carpet score boards, spinner, rules for cooperative and competitive ways to play

Age: 4+
Players: 2-4
Skills: No Reading Required, spinner contains numbers 1-4

Learning Styles: Kinesthetic, Visual

List Price: $20.00

Our Price: $17.99

Carolyn's Comments:
This game is a great way to introduce the child who can't sit still to our nation's capital and it's wonderful landmarks. The "game board" is actually your living room or play room where you arrange the large pictures of our landmarks around the floor. The children are the "playing pieces" and move according to the spinner from landmark to landmark until they visit all the landmarks on their score cards and return to bed to win the game. Movement enhances learning and this unique game contains a lot of it!