Math-It Basic

Math-It Basic

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Product Description

by Elmer Brooks

Simple and ingenious techniques for computing math problems. There are no repetitions and boring multiplication tables. Memory facts are reduced to simple rules. This revolutionary concept in learning math offers you the ability to easily unlock the secrets of math and use shortcut skills for various math functions. The student learns these math skills by playing the Addit, Dubblit, and Timzit games. The math it guide book is included especially for parents detailing what math concepts a child should learn from ages 5-14 or from kindergarten to grade eight. Includes: Addit, Dubblit, and Timzit games, cassette tape, Math-It guide book, and How Stevie Learned His Math.

Carolyn's Comments: Math-It is a unique and extremely valuable math program for several reasons:

1. The techniques for making computation fast, easy and accurate are found in no modern math curriculum materials. They were well known by our great-grand parents, but have long been deleted from the math books. I have made a study of computation techniques used around the world. Most other countries use at least some of the same techniques, giving their students a distinct advantage in mathematics. Using Math-It takes a little extra study on the part of parents but the rewards are great.

The Math-It Guide Book (Provided on CD-rom) is essentially a well annotated scope and sequence of math concepts which will guide the parent through grades K-8. Every essential concept is listed according to the usual age/grade where it is customarily learned. In addition, many of the most valuable, yet least known procedures and techniques are explained and illustrated.

3. The little "games" provide a quick way to "drill" the math facts without hundreds of boring worksheets. The trick is to do them often, but not for so long at a time so as to bore your student.

4. Math-It is not consumable, and therefore, may be used my many students. Also, considering it covers the essentials of 9 years of math, it is quite cost effective even if you find it necessary to buy manipulatives or other math aids along the way.

If you want to spare your child hours of boring, repetitious, paperwork, consider using this program. You will need to provide practice problems from an inexpensive workbook, like Spectrum Math, or from a website that provides custom worksheets - often free!

An excellent companion to Math-It is the Ray's Arithmetic Series. You can skip the drills for the most part and use the word problems to practice the computations learned in Math-It.

This kit provides the games for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and is suitable for children approximately ages 7 and up.

An add-on kit for fractions, decimals and percents is available separately. (See below)

For those who want to get started earlier on some of the math concepts described above, we suggest Pre-Math-It. (See below)