MCP Phonics B Student Workbook

MCP Phonics B Student Workbook

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Product Description

"Plaid" Phonics Grade 2 is a beginner's level program geared toward helping your child develop beginning reading skills. In Phonics B, your child will focus on developing the following skills:

Reading simple multisyllabic words, such as "open."
Reading words with prefixes and suffixes, as well as understanding the meaning of those prefixes and suffixes.
Reading simple words that have irregular spellings, such as "half."

"Plaid" Phonics includes fun and interesting activities that will to help your child become a fluent reader. Each lesson-planning guide is broken into six parts to solidify Phonics knowledge for your child. He or she will learn letter recognition, how to write letters, phonemic awareness and around-symbol correspondence. Every lesson features a Picture Dictionary page. Additionally, an array of multisensory teaching options addresses different learning styles.

INTEGRATE SPELLING You can round out your child's Reading education by teaching Spelling alongside it. In fact, "Plaid" Phonics can be used in conjunction with MCP Spelling Workout. Be sure to select the corresponding MCP Spelling Workout program to ensure the two curricula are teaching your child at the same level.

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