Spot It

Spot It

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Product Description

From Blue Orange Games

There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any 2 cards in this game. Spot it and you win! A sharp eye and a little bit of speed is all it takes to become a Spot it! master.

Ages: 6 and Up
2 to 8 Players
Play Time: 10 - 20 Minutes
55 cards
Illustrated rules

Carolyn's comments:
This is a great activity for developing visual discrimination. The objects are often different sizes, adding additional challenge for search and find. The handy tin fits in your purse so Spot It can be played whenever you need something to occupy your children for a few minutes: waiting for food at a restaurant, sitting in a waiting room, etc. You can simplify the rules for younger children; they love to search for the matches and the visual skills developed are great for reading readiness.