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SET is a highly addictive, original game of visual perception; a fascinating challenge for either solitaire or competitive play. To create a SET, a player must locate three cards in which each of the four features is either all the same on each card or all different on each card, when looked at individually. The four features are, symbol (oval, squiggle or diamond), color (red, purple or green), number (one, two or three) or shading (solid, striped or open). Age is no advantage in this fast paced family game. SET is great fun for the whole family because there is no previous knowledge required.

Carolyn's Comments:
This incredible card game teaches the concept of "sets" while it sharpens your thinking skills. Any number can play and even 6 year olds can compete successfully. Lots of fun for all ages. Whatever you do don't tell your child this is a "learning game". You may spoil the fun.

ISBN 9780963469106