My Choice Chart

My Choice Chart

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Product Description

My Choice Chart™ is a family-fun magnetic chart that parents display in a central area in the home. Using more than 100 positive choice words and 50 celebration activity ideas, My Choice Chart encourages children to make good behavioral choices and highlights family values.

Together children and parents choose 6 positive character traits and a celebration activity that they post on the magnetic chart. Children add a star to the night sky area on the chart each time they display any of the posted character traits, such as: kindness and cooperation. Families then celebrate all the positive choices made by their children during the week by participating in the fun activity.

Over time children recognize, in a supportive nurturing way, that each choice they make creates an opportunity to learn and grow. Gently guiding children to this level of self -awareness is a rewarding life skill and empowering gift.


complete with braided hang cord
A Companion Booklet featuring a "Quick Start" guide
Over 100 Positive Choice Words to choose from
More than 50 Celebration Activity ideas
66 magnetic pieces and storing case
A dry erase marker for personalization
Bonus activities/ tools and resources to support and enhance the learning experience

Interesting Tidbits:

*My Choice Chart is not a rewards based system, it is an interactive tool used to support ongoing character development.
*Friendly reminder for parents to focus on the positive aspects of their children.
*Designed for one or more children.

*Positive feedback is one of the most important tools parents have to improve children's behavior and self esteem.

ISBN 0977362000

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