Noah's Big Animal Adventure Game

Noah's Big Animal Adventure Game

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A complete game in a great stow and go convenient book form
The instant pop-up ark and enclosed story booklet help make this unique game interactive and educational
A wonderful way to teach kids the story of Noah and obedience to God's will

God has told Noah a great flood is coming. Noah has worked hard for many years with his family to prepare the great ark- a huge boat that God told him to build so they and the animals can survive. Help the animals avoid obstacles and find shortcuts to get to the ark on time!

This unique pop-up Noah's ark product has been carefully designed to create hours of fun while actively teaching that God used a global flood to usher in a better world. Complete with a FREE story booklet, Noah's Big Animal Adventure Game teaches important Biblical history while it creatively entertains in a unique all-in-one book.

Designed using the concept and artwork from the best-selling True Story of Noah's Ark, the game presents the biblical view that the story of Noah was a real historical event, that God provided for the occupants of the ark, and that the animals housed in the ark for the Great Flood are the ancestors of animals we see in our world today.

ISBN 9780890514856

Carolyn's comments:
This game is designed for elementary age children, however, I have found that pre-schoolers can easily play with parental help. They are fascinated by the pop-up ark and the spinner only goes to 4, so it is a good way to reinforce early counting. Throughout the game the players land on short Bible verses that tell the story from the Garden of Eden to the Flood. My grandchildren insist on repeating each verse they land on after I read it to them, making this a good Bible memory game too. If your young child has trouble with the little cardboard playing pieces, you can substitute small toy animals or pawns from another board game.

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Safety Warning:

Not for children under 3 years.