Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!




Product Description

by Captain Chuck Harman

Fearing that no one will like him if he doesn't show off, Barthomew soon learns the perils of working too hard to impress your friends. Bartholomew t. Barnstormer, a flashy, colorful aerobatic plane belives he must do crazy stunts to make others like him. Learn that it's who you are, not what you do that matters in Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!

ISBN 1-891736-07-8

About the Author:

Captain Harman is the author and illustrator of the childrenís book series, The Adventures of Artie the Airplane and his friends. When he isnít busy teaching and evaluating the pilots of American Airlines, Captain Chuck, as the kids know him, keeps busy visiting with schoolchildren around the country sharing Artie the Airplane and his love of planes and flying with them.

Carolyn's Comments: This is a charming, wonderful character building series for young children. Artie and his friends learn all kinds of lessons about how to treat others while having exciting adventures around the world.