PAF Handwriting Program for Cursive- Right Handed

PAF Handwriting Program for Cursive- Right Handed




Product Description

The Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) Handwriting Program can be used in conjunction with the PAF curriculum or independently as a classroom penmanship program. The techniques were designed to accommodate all students including those with graphomotor weaknesses and are derived from the latest research on how children learn to write. Four workbooks are available (print, numerals, cursive right-handed and cursive left-handed), each accompanied by a detailed instruction book.

Children are eager to learn "grown-up" cursive writing! The Handwriting Program for Cursive workbook (right-handed) provides large models for tracing that allow students to use arm muscles to learn letters. Small models are provided on 1 1/2-inch lined practice paper to facilitate the transition to regular writing paper.

All students, including those with graphomotor weaknesses, can benefit by these easy-to-use books, which include:
Full-page models.
Letter-sound matching.
Techniques to eliminate reversals and spatial confusions.

Grade levels: K-12

ISBN13: 9780838851272
ISBN: 0838851274