Latin Alive! Book One: Teacher's Edition

Latin Alive! Book One: Teacher's Edition

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The Latin Alive! Book One: Teacherís Edition includes a complete copy of the student text, as well as answer keys, extra teacherís notes and explanations, unit tests, and bonus projects and activities.
Grade Level: 6th to 12th

ISBN13: 9781600510557
ISBN: 1600510558

About the Authors:

Karen Moore Ė Karen is the head of the Latin department at Grace Academy in Georgetown, TX. She began her Latin studies in seventh grade and went on to receive a B. A. in classics from the University of Texas. She is the author of the Libellus de Historia series, also published by Classical Academic Press.

Gaylan DuBose Ė Gaylan has been teaching Latin in the classroom for over forty years. He holds a Masterís degree in classics and was the Academic Contest Chair of the National Junior Classical League from 1996 to 2005. He is the author of Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource Book, and co-author of the well regarded Excelability in Advanced Latin. He currently loves teaching Latin to fifth and sixth graders at St. Andrews Episcopal School in Austin, TX.