Latin Alive Book 1

Latin Alive Book 1

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by Karen Moore & Gaylan DuBose
from Classical Academic Press

Latin is an elegant and ancient language that has been studied for many generations. It is also quite alive in our culture, and in the languages we speak today. You will be surprised at what you learn in each new chapter of Latin Alive!, Book One. As the first text in a three-year series, it is a rigorous and thorough introduction to this great language, and is designed to engage the upper school (middle and high school) student. Brimming with relevant facts and stories this text offers something for everyone.

* Thirty six weekly chapters including twenty nine new content chapters and seven review, "reading" chapters.
* Pronunciation Guides
* Weekly introduction of vocabulary
* Thorough grammar explanations including all five noun declensions and cases, all verb conjugations, irregular verbs, various pronouns, adjectives and adverbs.
* United States state seals and their Latin mottos
* Extensive study of the Latin derivatives of English words
* Substantial Latin readings and translation exercises
* Lessons and stories of Roman culture, myths and history
* Exercises and questions to prepare students for the National Latin Exam and the Advanced Placement Exam.
* Includes historical contributions from Christopher Schlect, historian and Academic Dean at New Saint Andrews College, Moscow, ID.

ISBN13: 9781600510540
ISBN: 160051054X

Grade Level: 6th to 12th